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Welcome to the home of Punk Rock Shred Grrl.  Have a look around and sign my guestbook if you notice anything worthy of commentary.  Click here for the punk rock shred report.

Over the years, I have been collecting email addresses and websites, so I do own a few other internet condominiums.  Check out:  www.prsgrrl.com or http://surf.to/prsgrrl if you're curious about me.


Among the other free sites I have been collecting, I have also built a number of photo albums.  The best ones are available at https://prsgrrl.tripod.com/fokas and http://prsgrrl.myphotoalbum.com.  I also have some video available on the FOKAS link in the navigation bar

Site Updates:

10/11/05 - added paragraph with photo links
10/16/04 - added photos
10/15/04 - Created this website.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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